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CartKeeper 3.1 System Requirements

While this list of requirements tries to be as comprehensive as possible, due to the extremely varied nature of hosting providers, we can make no guarantees that the software will work on any specific configuration.

Buy NowServer Requirements

  • Operating System: *BSD/UNIX or Linux
  • Web Server: Apache v1.3 or (v2 recommended) with PHP and OpenSSL and mod_ssl
  • MySQL: Version 5+ Required
  • PHP: Version 5+ Requred (5.6 recommended)

Buy NowPHP Requirements:

  • file_uploads - On (for certain features)
  • FTP Support - Enabled (required only for Google Products)
  • OpenSSL Support and allow_url_fopen -- OR -- cURL - required for most payment gatewaysand shipping calculators
  • cURL Support required for Linkpoint payment gateway and Paypal Website Payments Pro and FedEx Shipping Calculator.
  • SSL space: host must be on the same logical file system as non-ssl web site

Buy NowRecommended Installation Skills

  • Knowledge of using FTP client
  • Familiarity with setting file and directory permissions ( CHMOD )
  • Ability to setup a MySQL database and knowledge of how to determine the following:

- MySQL server
- MySQL database name
- MySQL username and password

Knowledge of system path information such as

  • user home directory path
  • secure SSL URL

Recommended Design Skills

Buy NowStrong understanding of HTML and CSS. The templates consist of HTML with simple PHP script includes and are compatible with many HTML editors.